New Year special offer 2018

In just a few days all of us will step into another new year and will start learning to write 2018 in dates instead of 2017. To brighten up your farewell to the ending year, we are starting a traditional New Year discount campaign in Webasyst Store. This time it’s -18%!

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The special offer is valid from December 20, 2017 21:00:00 through December 31, 2017 08:59:59 GMT.

Cyber Monday 2017

November 27 at 00:00 GMT

November 28 at 09:00 GMT

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Cyber Monday 2017

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Shop-Script 7



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Upgrade to Shop-Script 7



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Webasyst Cloud

On November 9, at 06:18 GMT the operation of all Webasyst services was unexpectedly interrupted: Cloud accounts, Customer Center, and our own websites и

The downtime reason was a network equipment failure in a data center provided by OVH company. We have our servers hosted by OVH, due to their well-known reliability and a professional approach of their staff. Of course, no one is immune from such incidents, and OVH needed only several hours to eliminate a serious power supply failure that had impact on their network equipment.

Webasyst servers were up again around 12:16 GMT on the same day, and all our services are now functioning as usual. The data center failure has had no effect on the integrity of Webasyst users’ data.

This force majeure incident has dropped Webasyst Cloud availability percentage from 99.972% to 99.918%, but this unpleasant fact only gives us additional reason to make our service even more stable and closer to the so-desired “all-nines” rating value.

We are really sorry if your work has suffered because of this downtime. Please send personal requests via Customer Center if you require compensation.

Thank you for staying with Webasyst! We shall keep doing all we can to ensure your comfortable work with Webasyst under any circumstances.

Shop-Script 7.2.5 & shipping plugin “Courier” update

We have published fresh updates for Shop-Script and shipping plugin “Courier”, which add the option to request preferred delivery date and time from a client during checkout and a convenient settings interface for managing the available list of delivery time intervals in the store backend and in the mobile app!

Complete list of changes

Shop-Script 7.2.5
  • Added templates for notifications on order actions “Shipping details changed”, “A comment was added for the order”, “Order was settled”.
  • Fixed product stock level update when an order in a custom status is marked as paid.
  • Fixed calculation of the total amount for an order added in the backend, with a discount applied.
  • Improved API for the mobile app.
  • Fixed product‘s default SKU update via CSV file import. Now in CSV file you can specify value 1 for the SKU which must become the default one for a product.
  • On shipping option selection step during checkout, plugins now use the sort order of address fields defined in the store settings. Now the sort order of address fields requested by a selected shipping option is controlled by your choice in the store settings.
“Courier” plugin
  • New setting to control the address fields to be completed by a client. Now the “Courier” plugin can, depending on your choice, either require from a client mandatory completion of default address fields (country, region, city, street) or request optional completion of a custom set of address fields which you may set up in the store’s checkout settings.
  • Option to request from a client either only preferred delivery date, or only preferred delivery time, or both values during checkout. Important note: This option must be supported by the app the plugin is used with; e.g., Shop-Script ver. or higher.

In March we are planning to release another update for mobile Shop-Script app to optimize its operation and to add order sorting by update and shipping time, and by status.

We have released a major Shop-Script update to ver. 7.2.0.

Shop-Script update 7.2.0

For follow-ups, you can now set the delay period in hours rather than days as before. Follow-ups can now be associated with any order states.

When editing an order, you have the option to cancel the sending of a notification to customer even if you have such a notification set up.

In mobile app push notifications for couriers were added, app content synchronization with user access rights was improved, custom address fields were added to order-viewing screen, and some bugs were fixed.

You can view the complete list of new features and changes on the Shop-Script changelog page.

This update is already available in your Installer and on GitHub.

In February, were are planning to release one more Shop-Script update to add these new functions:

  • Courier assignment in any order status using new system action “Change shipping parameters”.
  • Option for a customer to enter preferred order shipping date and time during checkout — for Courier plugin.
  • Order shipping date and time editing in main backend and via the mobile app.
  • Order sorting by shipping date and time as well as by status in main backend and in the mobile app.

Dear friends, we wish you happy New Year!

In 2016 Webasyst platform and its entire software ecosystem have shown stable and steady growth! We have done great work and have fulfilled virtually everything we had planned:

  • Biggest and most complex Webasyst release in 2016: Shop-Script 7 and a mobile app for online store management.
  • Design theme Dummy, which is very handy for fast development of your own design themes.
  • New Team app.
  • Updated terms for the partner program including fair 50% discounts for our partners.
  • Over 40,000 written requests processed by the support team.
  • The number of developers working with Shop-Script 7 GitHub repository exceeded 1300.

Many new interesting and highly useful features are being planned for 2017:

  • Improved CRM system for better managing your clients, deals, and sales.
  • IP telephony support for Webasyst.
  • New versions of free design themes CUSTOM, Clear, and Nifty.
  • Several major updates for Shop-Script! In January or February, we are going to release the first of them to add convenient order assignment to couriers and other features that are most highly demanded by Shop-Script users.
  • Tasks, calendar entries, notes, and discussions will be easier to handle with new tools for online collaboration.
  • Webasyst Store and the entire website will receive better design and navigation to help you faster find even more useful apps and plugins for your Webasyst.

Many of the new features announced above are close to final release, so you will enjoy some of them very soon, at the very beginning of 2017. New Webasyst apps and features will be highly valuable for online stores and companies who are seeking ways to work faster and more efficient, and to be always online.

In 2017, Webasyst will significantly grow and will become your indispensable online office!

Because of New Year holidays, Webasyst support team will be processing written requests at a limited rate from December 30, 2016 (Friday) through January 4, 2017. Note that response to your requests may be provided with a delay. The support team will get back to their normal working hours on January 5, 2017 (Thursday). Please be patient and have a happy New Year!

Webasyst New Year special 2017

We are glad to announce a New Year special offer, which includes a 17% discount for most design themes, plugins, and apps in Webasyst Store available through December 31, 2016!

To make this offer even more "special", we have additionally created two software bundles so that you can purchase Webasyst apps and plugins at a reduced price.

Bundle “Webasyst Office”

Seven popular apps and plugins for managing your business online.

Mailer Tasks Files Team Helpdesk Hub Contacts PRO

$249 instead of $534

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Bundle Shop-Script 7 + Mailer


New Shop-Script license with 17% discount + Mailer app for free.

$331 instead of $488

Buy bundle “Shop-Script + Mailer

Enjoy your work!
Webasyst Team

We are excited to announce the release of a new Webasyst app called Team!

Team is a tool for managing your team online, which will show you:

  • who and when is going on leave
  • who is at work and who is absent
  • a calendar of events and user statuses
  • action history and statistics per user
  • users' access rights to Webasyst apps

Action statistics

In Team, you can select a user and view the statistics of their actions performed in all or any selected Webasyst app in the form of a graph, which will help you to visually evaluate how active is each of your teammates.


For each user, you can view the exact list of actions performed during a month.

Groups & locations

Your colleagues may be working all in one office or may be accessing your Webasyst account remotely. Depending on your specific organization type, group users by locations or by their tasks and access levels. Every user can be included in one or several group, according to your needs.


This is an important part of your Team app. Via calendars, you can set leaves or mark the periods of absence due to business trips, for example. In addition to these “standard” statuses, you can add custom ones such as “Very busy, disturb only on important matters until ...”.

Similar to user statuses, you can also add to a calendar information about various events associated with your team.

By default, Team offers several preset calendars: “Birthday”, “Leave”, “Business trip”, “Sick leave”, “Appointment", “Other”. You may add your custom calendars to these default ones, if you want to manage a large number of various types of events.

Integration with online calendars Google, iCalendar, and

Every user can set up synchronization between a Team calendar and personal calendars in online services Google, iCalendar, and Manage calendar events via Team, and will see all your changes when you log into those services again.

For the integration of external calendars with Team, we have released free plugins for this new app.

Free installation!

Team is available free of charge to all users of Webasyst software. Install it in one click in your Installer and begin to manage your team's work fast and efficiently using the all-new Team app.

We have updated Files app:

  • improved data synchronization with external resources
  • added new synchronization option for Google Drive.

To enable access to Google Drive documents from within Files, we have released a new free plugin. Now users of your Webasyst account will be able to work with any files stored in your Google Drive. Permissions to access these files are granted via regular access rights settings available for Files app.

Google docs, sheets, slides, and drawings created within Google Drive can be easily viewed or edited directly in Google Drive via a link available in Files app.

Manual on connecting Files app to Google Drive.