We are thrilled to expose the next big thing we’ve been working on during the last several months. It is Shop-Script 5, the long-awaited successor in the Shop-Script software family.

The release of Shop-Script 5 will be the most important event in the entire Shop-Script project history so far (from both the technical, and the organizational point of view); therefore, it will occur in several steps. Today we are exposing all interesting details about the new product and the upgrade policy. The public sale of Shop-Script 5 will begin in 2013.

Enough talking! Visit the new Shop-Script 5 website and see it with your own eyes: http://new.shop-script.com.

While our team is busy developing the Webasyst framework, new Shop-Script  and other apps, I will tell you how the Shop-Script project began.


I began to write Shop-Script in the fall of 2001, more than ten years ago. I was then a second-year student in the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, and decided to learn PHP. I wrote programming code evenings in the university's dormitory, and completed the first version in about one month. The idea of writing a shopping cart script grew out of my desire to create something useful with PHP and to earn some money.

My exercise became a business. The first copy of Shop-Script was sold on January 21, 2002 on a floppy disk for $70 (script – $50, installation – $20).

If you are interested, you can download that very first version which I sold for $49 until 2004: Shop-Script 1.0 (ZIP archive; 70 KB). The script was clumsily designed from the very beginning, and was written as a spaghetti code; however, it required absolutely no time to get into the code organization. You could immediately identify which file to edit by its name. At that time I was not very concerned about source code organization issues. All projects which I had completed before Shop-Script were mainly of academic nature: interesting algorithmic problems rather than large commercial projects. I had never developed any web-based applications before. All the same, the script was quite functional, and it sold, yielding some money which allowed me to keep working on the project.

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We are excited to introduce the new Webasyst — an open source PHP framework for building sleek multi-user web apps, intranet solution for businesses and teams, and complex websites.

Download the framework: http://www.webasyst.com/framework/
View demo: http://www.webasyst.com/framework/demo/
GitHub: https://github.com/webasyst/webasyst-framework

We had been working on the project during the last two years. The alpha-version of the framework was first released in June 2011, and was available in Russian localization only (you may check out framework's russian blog to see how the project evolved). By now most of the framework's code has been finalized, the alpha-version stage is over, and we are thrilled to present the framework internationally!

The framework is the successor to our company's products — WebAsyst.net and Shop-Script shopping cart software. Our dev team continues to re-write, one by one, all 10 web applications of the WebAsyst.net family so that all will work fully on the basis of our new framework. A brand-new version of Shop-Script, which is being developed on the basis of the new Webasyst framework, will be introduced in December 2012.

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