7-day free trial for paid plugins in Installer

In Webasyst Installer, we have added the option to try out paid plugins during 7 days prior to purchase.

This new option is available on Webasyst Cloud virtually for all paid plugins, while some plugins can even be tried out for free on your own server. The availability of the free 7-day trial depends on the individual setup performed by each plugin developer.

Trying out paid plugins is very easy:

  1. Open Installer in your Webasyst backend.
  2. Select a plugin with the “7 days free” badge.
  3. Click on “Try free” on the plugin-viewing page.

Each plugin can be tried out only once. After the trial period has expired, you can either purchase a subscription or a lifetime license, or delete the plugin if you didn’t like it.

For Webasyst apps included in the main bundles, the free trial option was added last year. The trial period for apps is not 7 but 30 days long, and you can install all missing bundle apps with only one click.