We are excited to announce the release of Shop-Script 7, a major update to our flagship ecommerce platform!

Shop-Script 7 is the biggest update since the very first release of rewritten-from-scratch Shop-Script 5 back in 2013. Shop-Script 7 adds lots of handy features that will make your day-to-day operations with your online store more convenient and friendly.

For more information on Shop-Script 7, please refer to new version's dedicated site 7.shop-script.com.

Also, check out the big list of new features we published recently.

To testdrive Shop-Script 7, simply create new account in Webasyst Cloud and see all for yourself. It's free.

Mobile apps

Shop-Script 7 introduces native mobile apps for managing your online store on the go. Apps are available on the App Store and Google Play:

Загрузить в App Store Доступно на Google Play

Shop-Script 7 license price

Base license price for Shop-Script 7 is $399. This is one-time fee that enables you to install and use Shop-Script 7 on your online server or hosting and use it as long as your like. Cloud hosted option is available from just as little as $7/mo.

From now on, our partners will enjoy $200 profit on every Shop-Script 7 license sold. Check out our can-not-be-more-fair 50% to partners affiliate program and see how you can apply.

* * *

Update your Shop-Script 6 to Shop-Script 7

The update is installed with one click in the Installer app.

If you purchased your Shop-Script 6 license before December 31, 2015, upgrading to Shop-Script 7 will be paid. Please refer to 7.shop-script.com for details and special offers.

If you are using Shop-Script in Webasyst Cloud or purchased your license in 2016, the upgrade to Shop-Script 7 will be free of charge.

* * *

If something goes wrong when installing the update, please try clearing cache. In the Installer app, go to Settings > Clear cache. In most cases, it automatically fixes all kinds of issues. If that doesn't help, please contact customer support — we'll see what went wrong and how to fix.

Mobile app for iOS and Android to enable convenient store management on the go

  • Viewing of order and product lists
  • Push notifications on new orders
  • Last month sales report with store's main parameters: CAC, ARPU, LTV, ROI
  • Editing of product prices and stock level quantities
  • Adding of new products
  • Uploading of product photos directly from a smartphone.

Sales channels

  • System level support for accepting new orders from external sources in addition to those received from ordinary online storefronts
  • Product widgets "Buy" and "Add to cart" allowing you to publish and sell your products on any external websites or blogs
  • Additional filtering by sales channels in "Orders" and "Reports" screens.

Advanced stock level control

  • Points of sale and warehouses: new setting to enable or disable visibility for each of your stocks in the storefront
  • Virtual stocks: free grouping of stocks with the option to assign them a priority for product stock update
  • Advanced rules for stock updates: by customer region, selected shipping method, or other conditions, which can also be defined by plugins; in the previous versions auto stock updates could be set up only by storefront
  • Product transfers between stocks for easily moving products from one stock to another by using intermediate status "On its way"
  • Printing of transfer-related documents (implemented by plugins).

Sales reports

  • "Drill down" feature to view detailed statistics for individual segments in the main sales reports; e.g., filtered by individual traffic source, UTM campaign, or region; in the detailed view mode, complete list of orders included in the selected segment is displayed
  • Easily viewable comparison of all segments in the main report chart
  • In-stock assets based on purchase prices.

Useful features

  • Push notifications on new orders in your browser Coming Summer 2016
  • New quick product editing mode for updating prices and stock quantities for individual SKUs on category listing pages without opening individual product-editing screens
  • Attaching of YouTube and Vimeo videos to products to be displayed in products' main photo galleries in the storefront and are included in the Schema.org and Open Graph markup of product pages
  • Countdown timer for promo cards in the home page: simply enter the expiration date and time to start the timer
  • New beautiful templates for email notifications on order actions
  • Bulk printing of printable documents for multiple selected orders
  • Dynamic product sets with "compare at" prices specified for products' default SKUs
  • Order search by shipping tracking ID
  • System-level support for registering payment transactions received from external sources with the option of their post-processing and the merging of "unsettled" orders
  • Multiple backend user interface improvements and bug fixes.

* * *

Read more about Shop-Script 7 at http://7.shop-script.com

Good news! We have finalized the connection of Webasyst Cloud to anti-DDOS filters provided by DDOS-GUARD company.

This system change may require additional setup for your domains linked to Webasyst Cloud. Note that for all domain names registered via Webasyst, as well as those using DNS server ns.you-online-dns.net, all necessary setup has been completed by Cloud staff. If all your linked domains use this DNS server, then you do not need to do anything extra, your websites will continue working as usual.

How to find out whether additional setup is required for your domain

Enter your domain name linked to Webasyst Cloud on the WHOIS lookup page and run the search.

View the names of DNS servers ("Name Servers") on the results page:

If you have different DNS (name) servers than those shown in the picture above, then change your domain settings as described below.

What must be changed

For domain names linked to Webasyst Cloud and using their own DNS servers, log into your account on the registrar's website and specify the following DNS server values:

  • ns.you-online-dns.net
  • ns1.you-online-dns.net

This change must be accomplished until April 15, otherwise your domain names will stop responding and your websites will become unavailable. Should this change be made until the specified date, no interruption in your websites operation will take place.

Still have questions?

To receive additional information, please contact our support team via your Customer Center.

We are announcing the next major update for Shop-Script: In May 2016 we shall release Shop-Script 7! Quite a few new great features will be added to the product:

  • iOS and Android based mobile apps for administrator and couriers
  • Sales channels
  • Widgets for selling on any website
  • Advanced stock level control
  • And much more!

The price of a Shop-Script 7 license after the release in the middle of May will be $399.

The upgrade for Shop-Script 6 licenses will be available for additional payment of $100. This special price will remain valid until May 31, 2016. After that date, the upgrade price will grow to $150 per license. Use this link to pre-order the license upgrade: https://www.webasyst.com/my/buy/shop7

If you have purchased Shop-Script 6 after January 1, 2016, then the upgrade will be available to you free of charge. So, if you have been planning to buy a Shop-Script license, it is now a good moment to do so, because by simply ordering Shop-Script 6 you will also receive Shop-Script 7 at no additional cost.

The upgrade will be free for all online stores hosted in Webasyst Cloud!

Read more about this update on promo website 7.shop-script.com

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We are preparing major changes to our partnership programs. The new changes will become effective on February 1, 2016 and will open new earning and business development opportunities for everyone working with Webasyst and Shop-Script.

50% for partners

Effective February 1, partner reward (discount) will grow from 20—40%, which used to depend on the amount of sold software licenses, to 50% regardless of how many licenses a partner has sold. Partner discount will be equal to 50% even for the very first sold license!

To become a partner, you will have to accept the terms and conditions of the partnership agreement and complete a questionnaire. Upon approval by Webasyst, a partner will be able to place orders with 50% discount. First license discount will be applied only for products developed by Webasyst. Further licenses of the same product will be available to partners with 50% discount regardless of the product developer.

Crediting of partner account balance, with a minimum withdrawal amount threshold, which is applicable today, will be replaced with a discount applied immediately during checkout. As usual, a mandatory requirement for partners will remain the condition to keep their sales prices equal to those set by product developers. So partners will receive their reward immediately upon sale to end user rather than accumulate it on the partner account balance.

At the same time, on February, 2016 we are closing the referral program, which has been allowing partners to attract new customers via promo links of the form ?promo_id= to Webasyst and Shop-Script websites. Unfortunately, the way this partner program was implemented, it proved inefficient. We will keep looking for other options of its development though. A new version of the referral program is planned to be announced in the spring this year.

50% off extra licenses

Effective February 1, discounts for additional licenses of any Webasyst products will grow to 50% (from current 10%–25%).

The "50% off extra licenses" rule will be applied to all products published in Webasyst store including those created by third-party developers.

Since the discount for additional licenses will become much larger, it will not be added to the temporary discounts of Webasyst special offers. Therefore, ordering an additional license will be а profitable purchase at any time, without having to wait for a large sale.

Happy New Year 2016!

Thanks to all who were following the development of Webasyst in 2015! This year has been mega-productive for us!

Happy New Year, dear friends!

For Webasyst, 2015 has been one of the most productive years in the company's entire history. We have released lots of new products and keep growing even faster:

Plans for 2016

Even more has been planned for 2016 :)

With the release of Tasks and Files apps, we have actually completed the transition of the key collaboration functionality from the old Webasyst platform, removed from sales in 2013, to the new framework and have thus turned the new Webasyst into a convenient environment for organizing corporate intranet and online collaboration. For the upcoming year, we are planning to introduce important collaboration and CRM-focused features to make Webasyst even more effective for online company management, and for communicating with your teammates and clients.

Shop-Script 6 also awaits major updates! We keep tracking your ideas and suggestions and are going to implement many of them in the next year, including some interesting features for those who want to manage an online store while being on the go. Recent update to Shop-Script 6.3.0 gives third-party developers the opportunity to create quite sophisticated plugins, so you can expect really many great online store addons from our developers community in 2016, too.

Stay up to date with our news to find out what else we will present to you in the upcoming year!

Happy New Year 2016!

Specially for the New Year occasion, we have updated our collection of 2015's best products published in Webasyst Store — do take a look.

Best of 2015

Look at the collection of best apps, plugins, and design themes published in Webasyst Store in 2015.

Today we have introduced several new pricing options, which will allow Cloud users to work with Shop-Script 6 and other Webasyst apps, including new Files and Tasks, as well as Webasyst CRM apps, on most profitable terms, i.e. without app hosting fee or license purchase requirement.

Get 20% of orders paid in Webasyst Store to your bonus account

Effective today, any purchase made in Webasyst Store; e.g., an order of a design theme, plugin, app, or widget, will automatically return 20% of the order price to a special bonus account, from which you can pay for Webasyst Cloud hosting.

For example, if you have ordered a design theme and a several plugins in Webasyst Store for an amount of $200, then $40 will be credited to your bonus account. For example, on the "Pro" plan, you will be able to extend your Webasyst Cloud account for a couple of months absolutely for free.

New plan "Pro + CRM"

We have added new pricing plan "Pro + CRM", which includes free hosting of Shop-Script 6 and all Webasyst CRM apps, i.e. Helpdesk, Hub, and Mailer apps, and "Contacts PRO" plugin.

The new plan costs $29/mo. Like with other plans, a 20% discount also applies if you pay for 12 months at once. Thus, on the new plan, if paid for one year, your account will cost you only $23/mo.

Updated "Premium" plan

On "Premium" plan, hosting licenses of all apps developed by Webasyst are now totally free! The new "Premium" plan means having all great Webasyst functionality at the minimum price without license purchase requirement.

Note: Since February 1, 2016 the monthly fee on "Premium" plan will grow from $59 to $79. The prices of other plans will not be changed on February 1, 2016.

Archive plan "Mini"

The "Mini" plan ($3/mo, 1 GB, no paid apps included) has been moved to archive. If this plan is currently selected for your account, then you can continue to pay for it as before. However, after switching to a different plan, you will not be able to return to "Mini" anymore.

Please welcome our new Files app — own cloud file storage for teams. The app allows you to upload and store all your team's files and data in one secure place and to customize who can access and what.

Designed for teams, the app automatically handles access rights when you upload new files. Your teammates will automatically get access to the uploaded file according to the initial access rights setup, so you won't have to bother about sharing settings every time you upload something.

The app is available for just $79 per license (one-time fee per server; unlimited users and files) or $5.99/mo in Webasyst Cloud.

See details: https://www.webasyst.com/store/app/files/

Buy now

Meet Webasyst TV, an entirely new mode of the Webasyst dashboard created to be displayed on 4K and Full HD TV screens.

In one of the previous updates we added a personal dashboard and a widget platform to Webasyst. Today's release of Webasyst TV gives completely new life to widgets. Now every owner (administrator) of a Webasyst account can create a Webasyst TV dashboard with a collection of most interesting and useful information about the company's current operations and display it on a large TV screen on a wall in an office or a conference hall.

It is a perfect way to stay up-to-date on whatever goes on in your company, to motivate your colleagues, and to simply surprise your office guests!

How it works

Webasyst TV works in any modern web browser. Webasyst TV is a web page with a set of Webasyst widgets. The page is optimized for streaming to 4K and Full HD TV screens (with recommended ratio 16:9).

Streaming from a web browser to a TV can be accomplished in two ways: either using an HDMI cable, or, if your device supports Smart TV and has Internet connection, by simply opening the Webasyst TV dashboard page directly in your TV.

How to start using Webasyst TV

Install the latest update for Webasyst and all apps. The update is free and is already available in your Installer.

To create a new Webasyst TV dashboard, click on "Customize dashboard" on your Webasyst account homepage and select "New Webasyst TV dashboard..." from a drop-down list (you must have administrative access rights to your account to be able to create Webasyst TV dashboards).

Add widgets to the dashboard and get its unique public link. Open the link directly in your TV, if Smart TV is supported, or connect the TV to your computer via an HTML cable.

You can create as many Webasyst TV dashboards as you want.

Where can I get widgets?

The list of currently available widgets is published in Webasyst Store at https://www.webasyst.com/store/widgets/.

Today we offer over a dozen of widgets, and their number will keep growing.

We invite third-party developers to create widgets for personal Webasyst and Webasyst TV dashboards!

Webasyst Store update

Today took place one more important but not so noticeable update of the Webasyst Store. We believe that the new design should make your shopping experience more enjoyable.

Send us photos of your Webasyst TV dashboards!

We would be happy to learn about your experience of using Webasyst TV and especially see photos of Webasyst TV in your office. Feel free to publish your photos in Facebook and Twitter with hashtag #webasysttv, or simply email them to us.

Since some time ago we have been receiving reports from Shop-Script users telling us about spam orders. Fake orders are being placed in online stores by automatic scripts (bots) rather than genuine customers. Such orders usually appear as if made by humans, because they contain "real" names, contact information (phone number and email address), existing products... But none of such "virtual customers" ever confirmed their orders!

Receiving a large flow of fake orders will certainly interfere with the normal processing of those placed by real persons. It is a sort of a DOS (Denial-of-Service) attack against an online store, which may be organized by various blackmailers or even your competitors.

We are glad to release update Shop-Script 6.1.1, which is aimed at resolving this dangerous issue. We have added a setting option to backend screen "Settings > Checkout" so that you can enable automatic anti-spam filtering. It works silently and is not visible to human customers, but registers all fake orders placed by bots. You can optionally receive email notifications of all filtered-out orders to be sure that you do not accidentally miss genuine ones.

Should this built-in hidden filter be not sufficient to protect you from bots' orders, then you can additionally enable CAPTCHA for the checkout, either the default one provided by Webasyst or reCAPTCHA by Google.

This update is already available for installation in your Installer. No changes are required for your design theme!

Default 3.1.0

In this update, we are also offering you an improved version of the recently presented design theme "Default 3.0".

Now the standard theme has more accurate appearance on tablets and smartphones, and also offers more settings options for changing the design of your site without directly modifying the source code of HTML templates. The updated version "Default 3.1.0" will make the process of adjusting website design more joy than ever!

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