Discover your proStore! September 17, 2019
  • Fixed error on the checkout page for Shop-Script users WITHOUT supporting the recommended products in the cart.
  • Fixed invalid headers in your blog archives.
1.6.1 September 10, 2019
– Fixed bugs;
– Supported for images in reviews;
– Supported recommended products in new checkout; November 30, 2018
Added hidden setting for clearing user cookies. November 26, 2018
  • Fixed a bug due to which the checkout button did not appear in the rules in the "subfolder".
  • Removed broken link to js-script.
  • "One-click buy" button display bugfixed on smartphones.
  • Fixed a bug where on smartphones the first product displayed one, and the next two in a row.
1.6 November 21, 2018
  • New screen for theme settings according new requirements of Webasyst.
  • Support for new checkout mode for Shop-Script 8.
  • Login and signup pages changed.

  • prostore.wa_apps2 block has been added to the bottom header panel.
  • "Sticky" menu now works on mobile devices too.
  • On mobile devices, product cards in categories are displayed in 2 in a row.
  • The grid for product category cards now works on flex technology.
  • Improved the appearance of the product menu and slider.
  • Added link to "full site version" (disabled by default).

  • Widget width correction VK.
  • Fixed retina-script error that looked for retina versions of images that do not support this function.
  • Minor fixes in microdata.
  • Bugfix of the display of footer in some cases.
  • Bugfix of the display of New Year decorations during the "sticky" menu.
1.5.9 May 10, 2018
proStore for Site app
  • Async loading fonts styles from Google's servers.
  • Now language switcher of My Lang app is appears on mobile devices.
proStore for Shop-Script app
  • Added custom parameters qty_step и qty_min on cart page.
  • Custom parameters qty_step and qty_min, price_item added to product categories.
    Now products of category with added parameter get this parameter value.
  • Option to get original price.
    In case if you have several SKUs and one of them is has price equal 0.
proStore for Blog app
  • Removed build.php file, wich leads to errors of update in some cases.
  • 1.5.8 April 12, 2018
    • New Instagram widget.
      Old widget doesn't work because API was changed by Facebook.
    • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
    1.5.7 March 28, 2018
    proStore for Site app
    • Minor bug fixes in scripts.
    proStore for Shop-Script app
    • Now bagdes is always non transparent in home product slider.
    • If product price is equal zero will shown message On request instead of price.
      For this feature will changed next files:
      – cart.html
      – checkout.confirmation.html
      – compare.html
      – home.slider.html
      – list-list.html
      – list-table.html
      – list-detailed.html
      – list-search-modal.html
      – list-search.html
      – list-thumbs.html
      – list-thumbs-micro.html
      – list-thumbs-mini.html
      – list-thumbs.min.html
      – product.cart.html
      – product.min.js
    proStore for Hub app
    • New visual editor.
    1.5.6 March 20, 2018
    Minor bug fixes and improvements.
    1.5.5 March 6, 2018
    Hot fix
    • Removed code of plugin Selection of articles and features in categories that resulted in an error oh home page of store.
    • Correcting the error scripts of social networks when the sidebar is off.
    • Blocking of repeated pressing of the checkout button which in some cases led to duplication of orders.
    1.5.4 February 19, 2018
    proStore for Site app
    • Added additional parameter hide.switcher to hide dropdown icon in nav menus.
      In case when all dropdown items will be hidden by extra parameter hide.
    • Light delay of appearing top menu while hover.
    • Imporovement initialization of social networks widgets in sidebar.
    proStore for Shop-Script app
    • Imporovement scripts of qty.
    • Badges Out of Stock and Pre-order only moved top in Detailed thumbs mode.
    • In all modes bages Out of Stock and Pre-order only are non transparent now.
    proStore for Blog
    • Imporovement of grid for column view post list.
    1.5.3 January 24, 2018
    Fixed bug which causes disappearing pages of Site app from top header panel.
    1.5.2 January 17, 2018
    Minor bug fixes and improvements.
    1.5.1 December 5, 2017
    Minor improvements and bug fixes
    1.5 October 9, 2017
    Added themes for Hub and Helpdesk apps!
    1.4.11 September 27, 2017
    Improvements and bug fixes
    1.4.10 September 18, 2017
    Misc improvements and bug fixes
    1.4.9 August 23, 2017
    – Added delay to menus while cursor is moving out form menu area.
    – Fixed privacy checkbox in contact info step in checkout page.
    1.4.8 August 16, 2017
    Fixed critical issue in files:
    – sidebar.products.html
    – sidebar.products-list.html
    1.4.7 August 15, 2017

    – My Lang app supported.
    – Minor improvements.
    1.4.6 August 4, 2017

    No need to revert theme to original.
    Bug fixes and minor improvements.

    • Improved filtering for mobile devices;
    • Added top_full=4 (or 2,3,5,6) additional paramenter for prodcuct nav in header which allow to show subcategories in full width.
    1.4.5 July 24, 2017
    Minor improvements.
    1.4.4 July 20, 2017

    No need to revert theme to original.
    Bug fixes and minor improvements.

    1.4.3 July 17, 2017

    No need to revert theme to original.
    Bug fixes and minor improvements.

    • Added posibility to hide sidebar on pages, product pages and category pages with additional parameter: hide_sidebar=1;
    • Increased margins for search examples and address fields on checkout pages;
    • Checkbox improvements;
    • Counters in bottom panel became looks with circle background;
    • When product stock is more than 100 items qty info isn't appears;

    Changed files
    Theme for Site app:
    – head.options.html
    – header.top_panel1.html
    – header.cart.html
    – index.panel.html
    – index.currency.html
    – sidebar.currency.html
    – script.min.js
    – style.min.css

    Theme for Shop-script app:
    – category.panel.html
    – list-detailed.html
    – list-list.html
    – list-table.html
    – list-thumbs.html
    – list-thumbs.min.html
    – product.cart.html
    1.4.2 July 3, 2017
    No need to revert theme to original.
    Bug fixes and minor improvements.
    1.4.1 June 28, 2017
    No need to revert theme to original.
    Bug fixes:
    • Fixed critical bug on product category pages when wmimagecat plugin isn't install.
    • Fixed bug in header menus, when plugins appears uncollapsed when was checked option to show menu in several lines.
    1.4 June 26, 2017

    After update you should apply revert theme to original for all themes of proStore theme family!

    New features:
    • Added modal cart.
    • Added modal order edit on checkout page.
    • Added 58 additional fonts.
      You can enable 3 fonts together in one time for selected in theme options selectors.
    • Added live search feature.
      Starts working after typing of 3 symbols in search field.
    • Added auto popup window
    • Added top selling banner.
    • Added feature to show second product photo on hover to product.
    • Added feature to show last reviews to products on home page or in sidebar.
    Plugns support:
    • Added support for category images on home page and category page for Categoryimage plugin and Wmimageincat plugin.
    • Added support for brand with images (productbrands) plugin Brands appears on home page or in sidebar.
    • Quick product preview improvement.
    • Added select source for top and bottom menus in header.
    • For bottom header menu added option to show menu in several lines if qty of menu items is to large.
    • Added highlighting of shipping or payment method row in checkou page.
    • Added feature to change colors of defaults badges for products.
    • Added feature to hide description and features tabs in product page.
    • Added possibility to show HTML-tags in short summary in product page.
    • Top slider is appears faster when page loading.
    1.3 April 25, 2017

    After update you should apply revert theme to original for all themes of proStore theme family.

    New features:
    • Add quick preview button to product card on category pages.
    • Added option to sticky top horizontal product menu.
    • Added "Home" item to top pages panel.
    • Added option to disable vertical dividers between menu items in top panels menus.
    Bugfixes and improvements:
    • Fixed error when photos in footer were not clickable on mobile devices.
    • Fixed error in top menus occurred when title of items is too long.
    • Improved algorithm of sending contact form without reloading.
    • Changed view of empty cart in header.
    1.2.1 April 20, 2017
    Minor update. No need to revert theme to original.
    Minor bug fixes.
    1.2 April 11, 2017

    After update you should apply revert theme to original for all themes of proStore theme family.

    • Added header with search, contacts, and alternate cart button.
      Header has two features:
      In Shop-script app above the search field addedsearch examples.

      Second feature is links to contact pages open in modal window.

    • Added horizontal navigation panels:
      Top panel with pages and wa-apps() menu, currency switcher and login buttons.

      Horizontal product menu.

    • Menus now can be expanded by cursor hover.

    • Added color schemes!
      Added possibility to change site and content background, color of text and links.

      For all design elements (top panels, sidebar, mobile sidebar, product summary descripton background, bottom panel and footer) you can choose on of 61 color scheme!

      Schemes include colors of Flat-design palette (from 3 to 23), and Material-design palette (from 24 to 61).
      First 3 schemes – is main colors of previous theme versions.

      Also added 44 color schemes for buttons!

    • Layout
      Now you can fix site width. From 1200px.

      Home slider has possibility to chenge width: full site width or content width.

      Also you can change footer width: full site width or content width.

    • Added possibility to hide sidebar: on home, on product page, on category page, on cart page.

    • Added promo-cards under home slider.
      There are two modes: Text on promo card image background, and Image on solid background.
      Also you can move promo cards to sidebar.

    • Default contact form {$wa->block("site.send_email_form")} now work without reloading.

    • Miscellaneous
      Added qty in stock information in buy block in product page.

      Added option to enable HTML tags in short description in buy block in product page.

      Support Flexdiscount plugin.

    • Bug fixes and improvements.
    1.1.1 February 16, 2017
    No need to revert theme to original.
    Slightly updated multiple files for the application Site.
    Bug fixes:
    • Prevent caching banners in the sidebar, which disturb reupoad banners in theme settings.
    • Fixed bug that occurs while connecting Instagram account and block the latest photos from the Photos app.
    1.1 January 28, 2017

    After update you should to revert theme to original.
    Changes will appears only after it happen!

    • Added two new color schemes: dark and creme-brulee.
      But color schemes not applying to buttons. Instead of it, you can pick every color for this buttons in the theme settings.
    • Added new view modes for product cards: classic, detailed, minimal (from old versions), large list, and small list.
    • For detailed view mode you can also enable mosaic mode like in Pinterest.
    • Change of qty products on page now is going without reloading page.
    • Added message on checkout success page. You can specify it in the theme settings.
    • Option to limit promo cards appearing on top slider.
    • Small cosmetic changes.
    1.0.1 December 23, 2016
    Themes for Blog and Photos applications!
    Christmas decorations!
    Bug fixes and improvements!
    November 23, 2016
    First version released.