Website and landing page in one

Orion — a stylish and modern design theme

Orion is a design theme that is used for both a website and landing page. The theme is designed so that you can easily express any business.

Express your business in a modern way.

  • 6 site colors
  • Stylish and modern design with blocks animation

  • Full adaptation of the site for wide screen
  • 5 title fonts and 3 text fonts
  • Animated menu and feedback form
  • Adaptive website design will be equally convenient for all mobile devices
  • 22 blocks for the home page, and a total of 40, divided into categories: "Lists", "full-Screen", "Text blocks", "Prices", "Cards", "Columns", "Tabs" "Call to action".
  • A simple change of blocks of the main page
  • Feedback form with the ability to forward emails
  • More than 100 settings in total
  • You can define the number of pages and the hierarchy yourself

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