Enables your site for iOS and Android mobile users December 24, 2020
Shop-Script theme
  • Fixed displaying of payment plugins’ extra fields on the checkout page.
  • Fixed minor localization defect. November 19, 2020
  • Added setting to show or hide the link to the shopping cart of a Shop-Script storefront. You can disable this setting if you do not want some of your websites to be associated with a Shop-Script storefront.

Shop-Script theme

  • Returning from the photo-viewing mode to the product-viewing page has been made more convenient. August 11, 2020
  • Description for setting “Displaying of long product lists”.
Shop-Script theme
  • Product filtering by “Date” type features. April 28, 2020
Shop-Script theme
  • Improved notice about missing products on a current page when by-page navigation is used on product-listing pages.
  • Fixed empty markup field name in the recommended products list.
  • Fixed value of markup field reviewCount when all product reviews have been deleted.
Mailer theme
  • Localization fix. March 19, 2020
Shop-Script theme
  • Improved message text for customers about the use of available bonus points.
Hub theme
  • Fixed comments sorting on a topic page. January 30, 2020
Hub theme
  • Option for authorized website visitors to edit and delete their topics. This requires additional permissions to be enabled in hub settings. December 17, 2019
For Shop-Script app
  • Additional animation during the navigation to the in-cart checkout page to show that an online store is functioning properly and a little waiting is required. November 13, 2019
Shop, Hub, Blog, Photos themes
  • Fixed URL of a CSS file with the use of a design theme clone.
Shop-Script theme
  • Fixed filter settings after the selection of a user sorting option on a filter results page. October 1, 2019
  • Shop-Script theme:
    • Option to edit the text on the successful payment information page in design theme settings.
    • Improved checkout page appearance. July 31, 2019
Shop-Script theme:
  • Support for Shop-Script version 8.4.6:
    • Option for customers to attach photos to product reviews.
    • Displaying of recommended products on the in-cart checkout page. June 25, 2019
Shop-Script theme:
  • Fixed updating of service cost on SKU selection change in the storefront, with services rounding enabled.
  • Fixed localization of “Add to cart” button in product sets embedded in various apps’ design templates. April 15, 2019
Shop-Script theme:
  • “Back to shopping” link added to the in-cart checkout page.
  • Fixed empty shopping cart icon in Internet Explorer 11. February 26, 2019
Shop-Script theme:
  • Fixed scaling of large images by width in product descriptions.
Site app theme
  • Option to show brief working schedule of the online store instead of detailed schedule from store settings. January 15, 2019
  • Fixed product search.
  • Fixed operation of links to open full website version and to dial store’s phone number. December 18, 2018
  • Support for in-cart checkout of Shop-Script 8.
  • Expandable “Business hours” block to display a working schedule for current week based on online store's settings. July 24, 2018
Site theme:
  • Fixed URL of link pointing to the desktop site version with custom main menu setup in site settings. April 17, 2018
  • Improved displaying of <figure> elements used by the WYSIWYG text editor for adding images.
Shop-Script theme:
  • Fixed applying of custom product sorting by website visitors in product categories.
  • Fixed errors on product reviews writing pages when authorized via Facebook. March 27, 2018
  • Transition to the version of the WYSIWYG text editor.
  • Option to edit or delete a comment added to one’s own comment.
  • Fixed image uploading during comment editing. January 30, 2018
  • Added placeholders for address input fields displayed on shipping method selection step during checkout in Shop-Script storefront.
  • Fixed pagination error in Hub frontend. November 2, 2017
  • Improved markup.
  • Fixed errors of adding Shop-Script products from lists published on Site pages to shopping cart. September 14, 2017
— Fixed update of product photo and price on selection of different SKUs.
— Fixed product photo badges.
— Fixed promo image scaling.
— Navigation items generated by plugins moved from the top of the category list to its bottom. July 7, 2017
Added setting “Footer notice”, which might be useful for publishing a notification about the personal data protection policy of your website. January 25, 2017
Improved product filtering in categories. June 8, 2016
— Added support for promo cards with countdown timer (Shop-Script app).
— Embedded a link to site full version in the slide-out menu.
— Tapping on a phone number in the slide-out menu will automatically initiate phone call conversation.
— Improved stock feedback form styling (site.send_email_form block).
— Improved multiple UI elements.
— Fixed few minor bugs. September 25, 2015
Minor improvements and bug fixes April 10, 2015
Improved installed app validator for slide-out navigation menu.
April 10, 2015
First version released.