Authorization mail templates

Authorization mail templates for Site app

Templates for successful signup and passw recovery

Plugin allows to edit mail templates after successful signup and for password recovery.


  • Edit default mail templates.
  • Use Smarty in your mails.
    - Show to the customer special offers, articles, etc.
    - Add more information about your company.
  • Use Smarty constructions of plugins from other applications.
    - For example, You can use coupon generator to give a discount for every new user.


Add link to your mail

<a href="http://LINK_TO_YOUR_PAGE">TEXT</a>

Coupon generator of plugin Flexdiscount (need app Shop)

Copy generator construction and embed it into the template.

{if $wa->shop}{shopFlexdiscountPluginHelper::generateCoupon(2)}{/if}

where 2 - generator ID

Product set (need app Shop)

{if $wa->shop}
    {$products = $wa->shop->products('set/bestsellers')}
    {if $products}
        {foreach $products as $p}
        {$params = ['product_url' => $p.url]}{if isset($p.category_url)} {$params.category_url = $p.category_url}{else}{$params.category_url = ''}{/if}
            <li><a href="{$wa->getUrl('shop/frontend/product', $params, true)}">{$|escape}</a></li>

where bestsellers - product set ID