Product sets with discount

Product sets with discount for Shop-Script

Creation and sale of product sets with discount

If you would like to use "Custom display" you have 4 constructions:

  1. {shopProductsetsPlugin::showSet()}

    Shows all sets with option "On request".

    It is recommended to use it in any places (templates) of the Store. Note that if you display this on the product page, it will not automatically include the product.

  2. {shopProductsetsPlugin::showSet(5)}

    Shows the particular set with option "On request".

  3. {shopProductsetsPlugin::showSet($product)}

    The output of all sets that satisfy the conditions. The structure should be used in the template product.html

  4. {shopProductsetsPlugin::showSet(12, $product)}

    The output of particular set (if it satisfies the conditions) on product page (product.html)

When using "Custom display" it is recommended in the plugin settings to disable the default output, to avoid duplication sets.