Wholesale prices

Wholesale prices for Shop-Script

Specify the price for the categories of buyers

1.5.1 February 11, 2018
Intermediate update for those who showed a bug with zero prices when creating an order through the admin panel.
When updating, a setting appears that allows you to disable the price substitution in the order. You can disable the substitution until the bug is removed.
1.5.0 December 11, 2017
Now you can create and edit orders with wholesale prices from the admin area.
1.4.3 July 17, 2017
Fixed work with markups.
1.4.2 July 9, 2017
Correcting an error when placing an order.
1.4.1 June 26, 2017
Fixed the display currency definition. If your primary currency does not match the display currency, check the price display.

Fixed displaying default prices not registered.

Added setting for selecting the behavior when the user has more than one category. Whether to take the minimum price or the maximum.
1.4.0 April 10, 2017
The rounding settings are now taken from the store settings.
A bug has been fixed which, in some cases, led to incorrect conversion of currencies.
1.3.5 March 13, 2017
Added helper, with which you can get all the prices of goods for different categories, to display in the product card:
{$prices = shopOptPluginViewHelper::getPricesBySkuId($sku.id)}
1.3.4 February 26, 2017
Fix an error that occurs when you call the plugin from the Site application
1.3.3 February 22, 2017
Removing critical error with preservation of the goods.
1.3.2 February 20, 2017
Now import from csv working properly
1.3.1 December 26, 2016
Trying to fix telepathically unknown error that occurs in the cloud, where it is not possible to properly diagnose without access.
1.3.0 December 6, 2016
Added setting for unregistered users
1.2.9 October 4, 2016
Fixed calculation of prices in the basket.
1.2.8 September 20, 2016
Fixed a bug database in the event of incorrect goods, which are not attached to the sku.
1.2.7 September 5, 2016
Fixed rounding in the event of a specific price for the product.
1.2.6 August 27, 2016
Fixed rounding.
1.2.5 July 10, 2016
Now, if you enter zero in the wholesale price of sku, or leave the field blank, this price will revert to their default values.

Fix bug with the crossed out price.
1.2.4 July 3, 2016
Fix bug when converting currencies
1.2.3 June 15, 2016
Fixing logical error in determining the crossed out price
1.2.2 June 6, 2016
Adding options in the settings. Disabling currency conversion in the plugin.
1.2.1 June 2, 2016
Fix a critical bug that appears on some versions of php.
1.2.0 May 30, 2016
Added value for the default price.
Added work with the settlements.
Added ability to mark-up or discount from the current price.
1.1.4 December 27, 2015
Fixed bug with showing the original price of the item card.
December 25, 2015
First version released.