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News ticker for Shop-Script

Displaying actual news in a news ticker

0.1.1 November 28, 2018
Fixed minor bugs.
0.1.0 April 18, 2018
Multi-storefront support.
0.0.9 December 23, 2016
Fixed minor bugs.
0.0.8 November 23, 2016
- displaying a plugin by using the hooks: frontend_homepage, frontend_category, frontend_product, frontend_cart, frontend_checkout, frontend_footer;
- new options: "Internal padding", "Text shadow", "External margin", "Border radius", "Background shadow", "Reset settings";
- new textures.
0.0.7 January 5, 2016
More smooth text animation.
Added new animation direction: up, down.
Support for HTTPS.
0.0.5 July 27, 2015
Added the ability to specify an arbitrary URL in the plugin settings, that will open when you click in the frontend.
Minor bug fixes.
Optimization of JavaScript scripts.
0.0.4 June 23, 2015
Correction of a localization.
June 22, 2015
First version released.