Export to Excel

Export to Excel for Shop-Script

Export of price lists in Excel format (+ CSV).

2.1.15 October 28, 2019
Added option change image size in price-list.
2.1.14 October 18, 2019
Fixed opening links to prices from the backend in ShopScript 8.5, minor fixes.
2.1.13 September 29, 2019
Added output setting in purchase price profiles in the backend. Improved interface. Minor improvements.
2.1.12 September 16, 2019
Correction of small errors
2.1.11 September 5, 2019
Bugs fixed.
2.1.10 August 25, 2019
Added ability to disable category output in Excel file.
Added the ability to add UTM tags to product URLs in an Excel file.
When generating in Excel format, interruption due to timeout was fixed.
Other detected bugs fixed.
2.1.9 August 21, 2019
Fixed restriction of access rights for prices formed on the basis of profiles.
2.1.8 August 19, 2019
The support for the "Flexible Discounts" plugin has been renewed, the output of fields with the product ID and article ID in Excel has been added, the color setting of cells has been added.
2.1.7 August 18, 2019
fix error build price list with separated stocks
2.1.6 July 19, 2019
Support pugin "Miltiprice" updated.
2.1.5 July 11, 2019
Fix error build full price by cron. Add extend logging.
2.1.4 July 7, 2019
Logging extend and display information about cache.
2.1.3 June 25, 2019
Minor improvements.
2.1.2 June 20, 2019
Fixed caching errors. Added optional logging of used memory.
2.1.1 June 18, 2019
Added setting caching for profiles. Changed and improved caching. Improved the generation of price lists on a schedule. Fixed errors found.
2.0.3 May 26, 2019
Logging added for execution from backend.
2.0.2 May 13, 2019
Added editing of the output page template for price list profiles.
Added the ability to create price lists in the backend by profile settings.
2.0.1 May 5, 2019
Added the ability to create a price list in CSV format in the profile settings.
Fixed errors in the formation of the price list of profiles.
With the version 2.0.1, the Flexible Discounts plugin is temporarily not supported
1.4.3 January 14, 2019
Small improvements in the generation price list
1.4.2 January 9, 2019
Fixed small errors
1.4.1 December 14, 2018
New library for Excel file generation added. Old library use as default. For use new library select in settings PhpSpreadsheet.
1.3.6 November 19, 2018
Expanded settings for price list profiles
1.3.5 November 11, 2018
Added grouping of cells with identical pictures and SKUs.
1.3.4 November 8, 2018
Disabled display of empty categories that do not have products in subcategories.
Minor fixes.
1.3.3 November 3, 2018
Changes for compatibility with PHP 7.2
1.3.2 September 29, 2018
Additional filtering parameters added
1.3.1 September 17, 2018
Price profiles added for export.
1.2.22 August 3, 2018
Added support for English
November 5, 2016
First version released.