Link canonical

Link canonical for Shop-Script

Generate automatic URL for the tag canonical

FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

1. I purchased and installed Link Canonical Plugin. What settings should I put?

We recommend that you set «Use the tag from all get-parameters pages» and «Use the tag on the canonical page» to «Yes». There are no other recommended settings; they are individual for each site. The settings will depend on which duplicate pages you want to remove from the SERP.

2. I disabled the tag <link rel="canonical" href="" />, but the tag is still set.

Most likely, the tag is set in the templates of the design theme. Check in the index.html template, whether the tag's output code is duplicated or contact the developer of the design theme to fix it.

3. What are pages with get-parameters?

Examples of pages that contain get-parameters in the URL:,

4. Why is it not working for the pages created by SEO Filter Plugin?

In the list of plugins, SEO Filter Plugin should be above Link Canonical Plugin.