Application TC

Application TC for Shop-Script

A shortcut for cargo

I Recommend ALWAYS after the update to reset the template changes and cleaning the history of your browser, the entry into force of the new functions and correct display of the form.

Often when you update the plugin, there is a problem with the display of new features in the printed form.
Usually these problems are corrected:
1. Clear the CACHE (Installer-Settings-Clear cache)
2. Reset changes the template of the plugin (Store-Plugins ->>>) in the template editor, make any changes (any), save and hit shift+f5 (refresh the page), then at the very bottom, under the template editor box appears "Reset default template", check the box and save.
WARNING! item 2 will reset all your changes to template!!!

PS. if none of this helps, then just remove the plugin and reinstall. this is certainly all correct )