Easy invoice TWIN

Easy invoice TWIN for Shop-Script

Invoice with great potential for 4 shops

Image of facsimile and printing
Image of facsimile and print your store can be created using the graphic editor (e.g. Photoshop).
Image should be done only with a transparent background.
If you want to put the invoice in their official facsimile and printing, then you need to scan them on a white background and using a graphics editor (such as Photoshop) to clear the background and podkorrektirovatj.
All images can be downloaded directly in the invoice settings.
Image printing
You can specify a fixed size print noting it in the plugin settings
Picture stamp
Grantiyny conditions
You can turn on and off warranty conditions as in the settings and in the invoice, when you turn off the letter of guarantee in the invoice, it does not turn off at all!

you can also turn on and off:
The printout on a separate sheet,
The print shop,
Facsimilie head,
Change the location of the marking of goods (if your art. too large for a standard display space), as well as the indent for the guarantee from the main invoice form (used when printing the invoice and guarantees on one sheet)
And much more....

Often when you update the plugin, there is a problem with the display of new features in the printed form of invoice.
Usually these problems are corrected:
1. Clear the CACHE (Installer-Settings-Clear cache)
2. To reset changes to the plugin template (Store Settings-Easy-invoice TWIN-Template Tab-restore to original)
WARNING! item 2 can reset all your changes on the invoice!!!