Discount Notificator

Discount Notificator for Shop-Script

Allows you to create a mailing coupon codes.

1.1.8 March 8, 2018
Notice fixed.
1.1.7 February 23, 2018
Prevent the situation of re-sending discounts.
1.1.6 January 25, 2018
If the e-mail is not valid, delete the discount from the mailing list.
1.1.5 January 16, 2018
Minor changes in the work with the database.
1.1.4 September 29, 2016
Fixed display of the log.
Redesigned exterior plugin settings.
1.1.3 April 18, 2015
Fix the critical error after upgrading to shop-script 6
1.1.2 February 20, 2015
If the code has already been used, the message is not sent.
Configuration section, visitors to order and reviews.
Added selection of events to send the coupon to order. You can choose between "completed" and "shipped".
1.1.1 January 11, 2015
Settings section of discounts for ordering and product reviews .
Added parameter "Coupon discount size" in the message body.
1.0.12 October 26, 2014
Fixed critical error.
October 17, 2014
First version released.