Delivery and payment filter

Delivery and payment filter for Shop-Script

Filter delivery & payment methods by any criteria

  1. Open the admin page of your website.
  2. Open Shop - Storefront - Templates - checkout.shipping.html.
  3. Find the code: {foreach $checkout_shipping_methods as $m}
  4. Insert before it:

    {$checkout_shipping_methods = shopDelpayfilterPlugin::filterDeliveryMethods($checkout_shipping_methods)}
  5. Open Shop - Storefront - Templates - checkout.payment.html.
  6. Find the code: {foreach $checkout_payment_methods as $m}
  7. Insert before it:

    {$checkout_payment_methods = shopDelpayfilterPlugin::filterPaymentMethods($checkout_payment_methods)}

If You are using a plugin that displays cart and pages on one page, You need to make the same changes to plugin templates.