Smart sorting

Smart sorting for Shop-Script

In product categories and dynamic sets.

Correctly sort products with numbers in names

Default sorting by name will place products with the following names in the following order, which is incorrect, from a human point of view:

  • Product 100
  • Product 20
  • Product 3

To set correct sort order for such products, use sorting option "name (natural sorting)" in plugin settings to obtain the desired result:

  • Product 3
  • Product 20
  • Product 100

Embedding one or more random products anywhere in the storefronit

  1. In the settings of "Smart sorting" plugin (in backend section "Plugins"), add a new sorting rule, select the random sorting option in its properties, and save the settings.
  2. In backend section "Products", add a new dynamic product set (filter).
  3. Specify the desired number of randomly displayed products from your store's catalog.
  4. Save the set.
  5. Re-open set propeties (this is required, because Shop-Script does not allow selecting custom sorting options when a products set is being created; it is pobbisle only when you are editing a set).
  6. Select the random sorting rule which you have just set up, and save product set properties again.
  7. Use the usual procedure for embedding this product set in storefront pages, using the "Get embed code" link.