Pocket Lists PRO

Pocket Lists PRO for Pocket Lists app

Kanban, status labels, templates, automation

1.2.2 May 26, 2020
Fixed a minor issue we've missed with the latest update.
1.2.1 May 20, 2020
Fixed a possible issue of to-do items being unlinked from Shop-Script orders when the automation Cron job is configured to be launched too often.
1.2.0 March 26, 2020
Delayed Shop-Script automation. Integrated the ability to configure delayed to-do creation based on Cron. To-dos can now be created either at the moment the action was performed to an order in Shop-Script, or with a custom delay — in a specified amount of minutes, hours, days.
1.1.2 December 22, 2019
Fixed a minor bug of some to-dos being unlinked from Shop-Script orders.
1.1.1 December 16, 2019
Improved the automated Shop-Script -> Pocket Lists to-do item creation and the backend UI.
1.1.0 October 16, 2019
Automated to-do creation based on actions performed with Shop-Script orders.
1.0.1 October 4, 2019
A minor update that improves compatibility with the main Pocket Lists app plugin hooks and shows links to Shop-Script orders in the activity log UI.
1.0.0 September 18, 2019
Hello world! Kanban, status labels, templates, activity log.
September 18, 2019
First version released.