Quick editor

Quick editor for Blog app

Opens the edit window from the frontend

The plugin reduces the number of clicks needed to modify records and information pages, by opening the edit window from the client part.
Plugin is adding the button "Save and update" at edit page. This button makes four steps: saves product, closes the editing window, updates the main window, moves focus of window to the record which was edited.
Thus, the editing of the blog records, information pages is accelerating significantly.
The plugin is automatically integrating by using the hooks and does not require the insertion of additional codes into the design theme.

  • enabling/disabling plugin in settings;
  • button "Save and update" in the edit window;
  • button "Save and close" in the edit window;
  • edit in window or tab;
  • edit button is available only for administrators of "Blog" app;
  • editing blogs entries;
  • editing a information pages;
  • automatically integration by using the hooks;
  • button "Quick access" to the main sections of the "Blog" app.
Plugin uses hooks: