Webasyst Framework changelog August 14, 2018
  • Fixed a few minor bugs. August 14, 2018
  • Fixed parsing of sender’s and recipient’s email addresses, and the message subject in email processing. August 8, 2018
  • Fixed framework installation error. August 7, 2018
  • Information on failed logins removed from the Live Stream. It is available only to a server administrator and only for attempts to pick a password for existing users’ login names and email addresses.
  • Fixed information message for Live Stream message about a software product deletion.
  • Improved support for national domain names, written in Punycode, in the design editor’s site selection list. July 30, 2018
  • Fixed support for apps without localization files. July 26, 2018
  • Fixed a few minor bugs. July 25, 2018
  • Improved security for backend users.
  • Fixed use of fonts in backend.
  • Fixed widget sorting on dashboard. July 24, 2018
  • New section “System settings” with common account settings moved from Installer app.
  • Check for a conflict between page URL and site structure rules’ URLs on page saving.
  • Termination of saved authorization session in all browsers on changing user password.
  • Console command createTheme for faster creation of a design theme..
  • Displaying of a link to Google Maps instead of a map image if no Google Maps API key has been saved in system settings.
  • Fixed caching for gettext localization in waLocaleAdapter class.
  • Improved access rights verification in design editor
  • Fixed Webasyst CAPTCHA.
  • Fixed system logging of website visitors’ signup with email verification enabled in signup settings.
  • Fixed visual defect of image uploading button in HTML editor with the use of text replacement function.
  • Support for multiple CDN domains in site settings.
  • Improved Facebook authorization adapter.
  • Improved Installer app’s user interface.
  • Improved automatic cleaning of cache after software updates.
  • Automatic anonymous collection of PHP and MySQL version information on users’ servers.
WYSIWYG text editor improvements:
  • Displaying of pop-up hint for “Bold” formatting button.
  • Displaying of HTML code entered in WYSIWYG mode.
  • Formatting styles for links and text in paragraphs and lists.
  • Disabling of justified text alignment on text deletion with Backspace button.
  • Disabling of entire list formatting on attempt to disable formatting for selected list item.
  • Adding of excessive <p> tags inside <li> tags on copying lists from LibreOffice text editor.
  • Deletion of an image on deleting an empty paragraph directly following a paragraph containing that image.
  • Insertion of an image, cut to the clipboard, into a list item.
  • Auto-displaying of link formatting buttons upon switching from HTML to WYSIWYG mode.
  • Deletion of an image on adding another image directly to the right of the first one.
  • Deletion of a list on pressing Enter button after selecting and unselecting entire text.
  • Improved use of WYSIWYG editor in various Webasyst apps.
  • Improved support for various browsers. April 23, 2018
  • Logging of software products’ installation, update, and uninstallation in Webasyst Live Stream.
  • Improved cache clearing upon installation of software updates.
  • Improved handling of float numbers.
  • Improved functioning of dashboard widgets on mobile devices. April 17, 2018
  • Improved WYSIWYG text editor.
  • Improved security for backend users. April 4, 2018
  • Fixed validation of CAPTCHA value entered by a user.
  • Fixed cache usage error. March 28, 2018
Fixed saving of email-sending configuration when enabling DKIM signature in Installer settings. March 27, 2018
  • Installer setting to select default Webasyst CAPTCHA or Google reCAPTCHA for all website pages. By default, Webasyst CAPTCHA is selected. If Google reCAPTCHA was enabled in some apps’ settings before this update, then those apps will continue using Google reCAPTCHA until the nearest update of those apps to use the common Installer setting.
  • Support for invisible Google reCAPTCHA.
  • Installer setting to add DKIM signatures to all outgoing email messages.
  • Displaying of a design theme’s ID in its settings.
  • Removed excessive new line characters in the HTML source of text pasted in WYSIWYG mode. March 5, 2018
  • Improved support for Shop-Script 6. March 5, 2018
WYSIWYG editor:
  • Fixed text alignment.
  • Fixed distortion of text following links pasted from clipboard.
  • Warning of possible changes to HTML code before switching to WYSIWYG editor is shown only once per page.
  • Fixed distortion of Smarty code inserted via “Cheat Sheet” upon switching between WYSIWYG and HTML editors.
  • Fixed adding of links to text containing various symbols.
Other improvements:
  • Fixed authorization via VK.com.
  • Added filter to disallow execution of potentially dangerous static methods of PHP classes in Smarty templates.
  • Excessive “cancel” link removed from backend authorization page opened in a mobile browser. The link remains available for OAuth authorization.
  • Fixed group deletion error in waFileCacheAdapter class. January 29, 2018
  • Improved triggering of a warning message when switching from HTML editing mode to WYSIWYG text editor.
  • Improved security for backend users. January 25, 2018
WYSIWYG text editor
  • Added warning of possible changes in HTML code when trying to switch to WYSIWYG mode.
  • Disabled switching to WYSIWYG mode if page source code contains Smarty code tags.
  • Improved color range for text formatting.
  • Text formatting functions add HTML tags <strong> and <em> instead of <b> and <i>. The same replacement takes place when switching from HTML to WYSIWYG mode.
  • “Verdana” font added.
  • Improved formatting of lists’ HTML code.
  • Fixed editing of links’ URLs.
  • Fixed formatting of selected text paragraph.
  • Removed excessive formatting of HTML tag <iframe> when switching to WYSIWYG mode.
  • Fixed adding of links with text containing angle brackets < >.
  • Removed adding of excessive non-breaking space characters when pasting text.
  • Fixed uploading of images with different characters in file names.
HTML editor
  • Added image uploading button.
  • HTML editor is ready for source editing immediately upon backend page loading in browser.
  • Disabled excessive page scrolling to code portion found by search function.
  • Removed excessive images in HTML editor area if page source code contains an image URL.
  • Fixed context menu in Google Chrome.
Other improvements
  • Forced termination of authorized website visitor’s session when access is disabled by a backend user.
  • Fixed execution of code in uninstall.php files of apps’ plugins.
  • Fixed formatting of a contact’s address on some PHP versions.
  • Fixed editing of registered website visitor’s photo in personal account.
  • Removed excessive preview=... parameter from the link to a published page in page editor.
  • Fixed saving of plugin settings values from fields waHtmlControl::TEXTAREA with 'wysiwyg' parameter.
  • Fixed adding of CSS stylesheets to pages published in frontend. November 29, 2017
  • National domain names written in Punycode are displayed in Unicode in page and design editors, and in other backend screens.
  • Added option to send email messages from email addresses based on national domain names written in Punycode.
  • Improved support of PHP 7.
  • Improved localization of new WYSIWYG text editor. November 8, 2017
Fixed cutting of text strings before saving to database. November 2, 2017
  • Capability to use multiple web forms with Google reCAPTCHA within one website page.
  • Fixed pasting of “Cheat Sheet” variables into page editor.
  • Fixed error occurred during attempts to save too long text strings into database. October 17, 2017 October 3, 2017
— Fixed a few minor bugs. September 19, 2017
— New WYSIWYG editor for website pages. September 19, 2017 August 30, 2017
— Improved backend performance.
— Fixed a few minor bugs. August 14, 2017
Fix Settings page in Installer. August 14, 2017
— Security fix. August 9, 2017
— Security fix.
— Minor improvements and bug fixes. July 31, 2017
— Security fix. July 6, 2017
Fixed error with personal data protection policy consent elements in signup form. June 29, 2017
Added signup form settings to show personal data protection policy consent options. May 31, 2017
— Added support for UNSIGNED INT data type in database table fields.
— Fixed incorrect generation of URLs by scripts executed as CRON jobs.
— Fixed CSRF protection error in Webasyst dashboard widgets setup screen. May 23, 2017
Increased overall stability and security of the framework. May 22, 2017
— Security fix. May 16, 2017
— Security fix. May 10, 2017
— Enhanced functionality for shipping plugins.
— Disabled excessive logging of 403 and 404 errors.
— Fixed page counting error in {wa_pagination} function.
— Security fix. April 17, 2017
— Fixed Facebook OAuth adapter.
— Fixed a few minor bugs. March 14, 2017

— API bug fixes. March 6, 2017
For shipping plugins, added support for editable intervals of preferred delivery date and time to be selected by clients. February 9, 2017
— Fixed a few minor bugs. February 1, 2017
— Support for key-based auth to Google Maps API.
— Fixed a few minor bugs. December 15, 2016
Added translations for few new system localization strings.
Fixed a few minor bugs. December 8, 2016
Fixed “Plugins” section in “Site” app. December 2, 2016
— Fixed error in loading new data for user timeline in Team app and in “Live stream” section in Webasyst dashboard
— Fixed error occurring in Mailer app when selecting recipients for a campaign
— Fixed error in the functioning of template helper {$wa->storage()} December 1, 2016
Improved сompatibility with existing plugins. December 1, 2016
— Fixed access rights check for availability of customer search field in Shop-Script backend.
— Fixed adding of wrong CSS classes to nested menu items generated by wa_print_tree function.
— Contact photo editor error fixed. December 1, 2016
— Timezone is determined automatically if not selected in backend user’s settings.
— Improved cache clearing after update via Installer app.
— PHP exceptions are no longer shown in frontend with debug mode disabled.
— Improved backend performance.
— Other bugfixes and improvements. September 29, 2016
Increased overall stability and security of the framework. August 15, 2016
– Optimized product update.
– Fixed plugin removal error. July 21, 2016
— Fix installation script setting up framework on new hosting. July 19, 2016
— Install scripts of applications should no longer run again in some cases when connection to MySQL is not stable.
— It is no longer possible to call action of a not-yet-properly-installed plugin.
— Other small bugfixes and improvements. June 2, 2016
— Feedback form block in Site app fixed.
— File upload fixed on plugin settings pages (caused problems with Watermark plugin).
— Other small bugfixes and tweaks. May 19, 2016
— Bug fixes. May 18, 2016
— OAuth improvements required by the new Shop-Script 7 mobile app.
— PHP 7 compatibility issues.
— Bug fixes. May 18, 2016 March 16, 2016
Fixed bug in caching that caused increase in server load. March 9, 2016
— PHP7 opcache does not break config editors anymore.
— Developer-friendly improvements:
  — Better error-handling, especially in APIs. waException error code automatically propagates to HTML status code.
  — Correct content type for JSON controllers.
  — Design editor supports files from sub-directories inside theme.
  — Better support for composite primary keys in waModel. January 22, 2016
Minor bug fixes and improvements December 25, 2015

New optimized Installer app user interface:

  • Recommended apps, design themes, plugins, and widgets
  • Manage installed apps and extensions
  • Search plugins by keyword and category
  • Multiple minor tweaks and fixes November 27, 2015
Minor bug fixes and improvements September 28, 2015
Minor bug fixes and improvements September 25, 2015
Webasyst TV: stream your company KPIs provided by Webasyst apps and widgets to 4K or Full HD TVs. See details at https://www.webasyst.com/tv/ Improved plugin connectivity platform for apps. System improvements and minor bug fixes. September 3, 2015
Added support for anti-spam filtering for contact forms.
Added support for Google reCAPTCHA. August 25, 2015
Minor bug fixes and improvements July 29, 2015
Minor Dashboard UI tweaks and improvements. July 28, 2015
— All-new control panel! Main page of Webasyst backend now displays all interesting information, provided by installed apps, in the form of an event stream and configurable widgets.
— Multiple server-side and UI improvements.
— Bug fixes. July 28, 2015 April 15, 2015
Fixed a few minor bugs. April 10, 2015
Integrated better theme update routine for updating customized design themes.
Enhanced waImage class' watermark functionality.
Updated Twitter OAuth adapter.
Added the ability to utilize placeholder tag for signup and authorization forms. March 26, 2015
Improved user rights control for Shop app and fixed minor Installer server-side issues. March 25, 2015
Fixed a few minor bugs. March 25, 2015
  • Map adapters.
  • Support for CDNs (Content Delivery Networks). March 25, 2015 March 13, 2015
Fixed errors occurred with some PHP versions and other minor defects. December 15, 2014
Fixed a few minor bugs. December 11, 2014
— Added the ability to sign in to Webasyst backend using email (instead of a login name).
— Fixed a few minor bugs in user authorization routine via third-party adapters.
— Fixed minor user interface bugs in design editor.
— Improved iButton touch event handling. December 4, 2014
— Fixed an error of Smarty code redundant escaping when switching between WYSIWYG Redactor editor and HTML source code editor.
— Fixed a bug with authorization via third-party adapters (social networks). December 3, 2014
— Added plugin hook for customer signup.
— Added escaping for system errors output.
— Fixed a few minor bugs. November 27, 2014
Minor improvements in system update checking routine and backend UI styling for smartphones and tablets. November 26, 2014
Fixed minor errors in Redactor editor JS init. November 25, 2014
New re-imagined backend user interface for all Webasyst apps:
— revised selection of fonts used throughout the entire backend user interface and Default 2.0 design theme,
— optimization for Retina-displays (modern displays with high pixel density),
— base jQuery version updated to 1.11.1,
— built-in WISYWIG editor updated to Redactor 10,
— multiple system improvements and minor bug fixes. September 18, 2014
Improved system caching adapters (file cache and memcached).
Introduced minor improvements in design editor user interface.
Fixed a few minor bugs. September 17, 2014
The ability to physically delete plugins that were previously unpublished on Webasyst Store. September 9, 2014
Improved config file update routine (wa-config). September 2, 2014

Major update which makes Webasyst a much better CMS (content management system) for all kinds of sites.

  • New design editor user interface with in-app routing manager and the ability to track theme modifications by files.
  • Multiple system improvements related to contacts and user profile management.
  • New CLI commands for developers: createApp, createPlugin, createSystemPlugin, generateDb, compress.
  • In-code comments for most Webasyst system classes.
  • Multiple system improvements and tweaks. September 2, 2014 August 13, 2014
Minor system improvements related to data validation. June 3, 2014
  • Swift Mailer updated to version 5.2.0.
  • jqPlot updated to version 1.0.8.
  • Minor tweaks and improvements. April 30, 2014
Fixed email sending errors occurred on some servers.
Various improvements. April 25, 2014
Added translations for few new system localization strings.
Fixed a few minor bugs. April 24, 2014
Bug fixes April 24, 2014
  • New WYSIWYG editor powered by Redactor.
  • Support for localization strings in theme manifest file theme.xml.
  • Support for new design theme settings types: image, radio.
  • Multiple improvements and bug fixes. March 28, 2014
Added display of colorful badges for new and featured apps, plugins and themes in Installer app. March 14, 2014
Installer app UI update:
— added sort order switch for design themes and plugins: Most popular and Newest sorting options,
— improved license status display for installed apps,
— fixed a few minor bugs. February 14, 2014
  • Imagick sharpen filter parameters fine-tune
  • Minor tweaks and bug fixes February 6, 2014
Minor system improvements and bug fixes. January 24, 2014
Minor improvements and bug fixes. December 25, 2013
Fixed a minor bug in the contact email validation routine. December 25, 2013
Minor tweaks and user interface improvements. December 23, 2013
Minor tweaks related to system caching. December 20, 2013
  • Integrated support for design theme display settings (theme.xml)
  • Phone number formatting support
  • Multiple tweaks and minor improvements November 22, 2013
Fixed a minor bug with WYSIWYG / HTML toggle. November 21, 2013
Misc system improvements and bug fixes. November 11, 2013
Installer app minor bug fixes October 24, 2013
UI improvements for apps, plugins and themes display October 18, 2013
  • Minor UI improvements in the HTML template editor (Ace)
  • Few minor tweaks and bug fixes September 26, 2013
Installer app bug fixes. September 26, 2013
Fixed an error of adding watermark images (image processing routine). September 25, 2013
  • All-new HTML-editor for pages and design templates (Ace)
  • Improved design theme installation routine: Webasyst Store themes can now be installed directly from the design editor
  • Overall stability improvements, multiple minor UI tweaks, bug fixes September 11, 2013
Fixed errors in installation and uninstallation of design themes, and uninstallation of plugins. September 6, 2013
Misc system improvements. August 29, 2013
Security update. Limits the ability to call potentially insecure PHP functions in design templates. July 30, 2013
Fix Smarty function {wa_pagination} July 29, 2013
  • Fixed incorrect handling of some plugin events.
  • Improved Smarty functions {wa_pagination} and {wa_print_tree}.
  • Fixed incorrectly displayed URL of nested info pages in different applications.
  • Fixed error in function {$wa->APP_ID->pages()}. July 9, 2013
Bug fixes.
Smarty 3.1.14. July 2, 2013
Minor tweaks & fixes. July 1, 2013
Facebook integration June 24, 2013
API: the first alpha-version of Webasyst Framework API for working with installed apps data, OAuth 2.0 authorization, api.php, APIs for apps Stickies and Shop-Script (managing products and categories) May 30, 2013
Various system-level optimizations and bug fixes April 30, 2013
added localization for shipping and payment plugins April 19, 2013
Added automatic redirect from main domain name to www subdomain or vice versa, depending on the value of the “Site URL” settings field. February 25, 2013
  • Updated delivery mechanism for installation of payment and shipping rate calculation plugins (stored in system directory wa-plugins/). Such plugins will be installed via the Installer.
  • Added possibility to flag selected countries and regions as preferred. The preferred countries and regions are displayed at the top of the list for faster entry of customer addresses. February 14, 2013
Improved updates delivery mechanism.
System-level changes necessary for the functioning of Shop-Script 5. December 13, 2012
Added support for country regions.
Fixed error in authorization via Facebook (detected in the Blog app)
Fixed minor errors. November 8, 2012
Fixed incorrect generation of the Sitemaps file.
Fixed locale detection for frontend users.
Added individual <title> tags for design-editing pages in backend. November 1, 2012
Fixed error "Run from CLI only" which occurred after the installation completion.
File webasyst.php renamed to wa.php. October 25, 2012
Fixed error occurred during authorization via social networks with disabled mod_rewrite module. October 22, 2012
1. Smarty engine updated to latest version 3.1.12.
2. Swift Mailer updated to latest version 4.2.1.
3. Removed outdated jQuery versions including 1.4.2; added latest available version 1.8.2.
4. Fixed error in authorization adapter for social network VK (vk.com).
5. Changed application database table structure description format.
6. Added service script webasyst.php for generation of database table structure descriptions.
7. Fixed several minor errors.
1.0.0—1.1.0 2011—2012
Nobody remembers what was there before the version 1.1.0.
1.0.0 June 7th, 2011
Webasyst PHP Framework first release.