The effect of email newsletters

People's attitude towards email newsletters may be very different. For example, some Internet users never read any bulk messages landing in their mailboxes and regard them as spam. In spite of that, the sender of a newsletter always hopes that it will be read by most recipients and will generate more sales. As we will show you, this is an absolutely justified expectation! Below we provide a brief report of our newsletter dedicated to the Cyber Monday sale, when we reduced prices for all products by 50% for only one day. As a result, we received significantly more orders than we usually do on an average day.

On Monday, December 2, we sent a newsletter about the Cyber Monday special offer to our clients. According to our delivery tracking report, 4,372 recipients at least opened the message in their email client (we do not have exact data to verify how many actually read it). Among them, 2,792 recipients clicked on a link in the newsletter and visited our website. We have counted results using utm parameters, which are automatically added into a message sent via our Mailer app. By the way, we use this app to track the delivery rate, too. In summary, 64% of those who actually read the newsletter proceeded to the website. A very good result!

In addition to the 2,792 visitors whom we invited using the email newsletter, 1,905 more visitors were registered on our website that day; therefore, the total number of visitors on December 2 was 4,697.

We then counted how many of these clients placed an order on the same day and paid for it immediately or several days later. There were 495, including 55 new customers (3%) who had never ordered anything before and were not subscribed to our newsletters. This means that 440 customers, representing 16% of recipients who clicked on the link to the website, actually purchased from us. In our experience, 16% is an unusually high conversion rate!

The data is shown in the picture below for better understanding:

Only one newsletter generated almost 500 orders in a day!

Of course, the effect of a newsletter greatly depends on the specific offer and the message contents. Information about a 50% discount, which was valid for only one day, persuaded many of our clients to place an order. If we had merely informed them about adding new features to our software products or about the release of a new application, we would not be able to report even a tenth of such a great result.

Nevertheless, this example of a successful email newsletter confirms our belief that it is essential to keep your clients informed about your offers! Even if some of your recipients report your newsletter as spam or unsubscribe from future mailings, it is still an effective method of delivering important information to your genuine clients. Many of them will find information useful and will thank you for the ability to buy something with a discount, to order an item of a limited-edition collection, or to use any other special offers that you may have. This will bring you more and more loyal customers, and additional revenue.