A/B testing in Shop-Script 5

In section “Help & Support” we have published a how-to article about conducting A/B testing of your online storefront powered by Shop-Script 5 using Google Analytics: http://www.webasyst.com/help/323/shop-script-5-a-b-testing-google-analytics/

The point of A/B testing is alternate displaying of various versions of some website page or design element (“version А” and “version B”) to different visitors to find out which of these versions yields the best effect for your business; e.g., more orders, higher average order price, longer website visit duration, lower bounce rate, etc. In the article we have described placing different product lists in the homepage, but you can actually test very different elements in the same way, from the appearance of the “Add to cart” button to the exact location of the login link to enter customer's account. You may conduct A/B testing both in the Shop-Script 5 storefront and in the frontends of other Webasyst apps: Site, Photos, Blog. To give you a real example, on our website at shop-script.com, powered by the Site app, we sometimes carry out A/B testing exactly as described in the article.