Two whole years have passed since the very first release of Shop-Script 5. On February 12, 2013 we announced the first developer version of Shop-Script 5 for all who pre-ordered this new product, and one month later the official release became available.

During these two years, Shop-Script 5 has been being constantly enhanced and developed. Here are some interesting statistics as of February 18, 2015:

Big update to be released in March 2015

Right now we are working on the next big update for Shop-Script 5 which will be available next month, March this year. Here are some of the new features that will be added with this upcoming release:

  • Completely revised reports to facilitate the analysis of what products are selling best, which of them yield the most profit, where do customers come from, and how well your marketing investments are returned
  • Automatic rounding of prices converted from other currencies
  • Detailed information on how the discounts were calculated for each individual order
  • Improved product search algorithm
  • Multiple user interface enhancements
  • Separate design theme "Mobile" developed specially for mobile iOS and Android-powered devices
  • Automatic connection of orders to existing registered customers based on matching email address, even if the customer is not authorized (optional setting)
  • Much, much more!

All the suggestions which you have sent us during these two years have been taken into account for the development of this big upcoming update. If you still have interesting ideas for improving Shop-Script 5, and made more convenient and efficient, please feel free to add them by commenting on this blog post or add them as new topics in our support hub. We are always interested in receiving your suggestions and feedback, and we always review them as we work on the next update.

Happy New Year 2015!

Thanks to all of you who followed the development of Webasyst in 2014! During the past year we have completed an enormous amount of work and are very optimistic about our platform's future.

Results of 2014

Some up-to-date statistics:

  • Total number of Shop-Script 5 licenses is more than 5,000. The number of online stores hosted in Webasyst Cloud exceeds 1,000.
  • 505,618 updates of apps, plugins, and design themes installed via Webasyst Installer during the year.
  • Over 850 developers have received access to Shop-Script 5 repository.
  • Webasyst support team has processed over 26,000 customer requests.

Plans for 2015

  • In Q1 2015 we shall release a major update of Shop-Script with numerous extremely useful features including completely new sales reports and dozens of hot functions which you requested before.
  • Effective January 1, 2015, we shall discontinue customer support to users of the old version WebAsyst Shop-Script.
  • We shall open a new partner program for regional resellers and will work on expanding the distribution of Webasyst across the world and on its localization to other languages.
  • A special Helpdesk+CRM solution based on Helpdesk, Hub, Mailer, and Contacts PRO will be offered which will enable online store owners to provide customer support at an absolutely new, higher level.
  • Some more useful apps will be released to make Webasyst an even more convenient and flexible CMS+intranet system.
  • The global Webasyst developer and designer community will keep growing.

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We promise: The coming year will be even more interesting! Follow our news, and have a happy New Year!

Please note that Webasyst support team will be processing customer requests at a limited rate from December 30, 2014 through January 4, 2015. The normal operation of our support service will be resumed on January 5, 2015 (which is Monday).

If you are planning to submit your custom app, plugin, or design theme for publication in Webasyst Store, then please be patient as you may receive no feedback from the moderators from December 31, 2014 through January 12, 2015.

We are excited to announce a terrific update for Blog and Photos apps, which will make these apps even more powerful for bloggers and photo publishers.

New in Blog 1.3.0:

  • New "Mirror" editing mode: see real-time blog post preview as you type!
  • Full integration with Photos app: all photos uploaded via Blog app's WYSIWYG editor are now uploaded to Photos app, which allows you to use comprehensive photo management tools such as photos editing and on-fly thumbnail generation.
  • Photo album attachments: the ability to dynamically embed photo album content in any blog post.
  • Multiple functional and user-interface related improvements.

New in Photos 1.2.0:

  • New album navigation with support for beautiful album covers (demo).
  • Integration with Blog app: view and edit images uploaded via Blog app's WYSIWYG editor.
  • Full support for Retina displays in Photos app backend.
  • Multiple functional and user-interface related improvements.

The update for both apps is available for free via Installer app within your Webasyst backend.
If you are new to Webasyst, create an account in the cloud or download and install Blog and Photos apps on your server.

If you are using a customized version of one of free stock themes, some modifications may be required for activating new features such as photo albums attachment and album navigation. See the full list of design theme changes in this update:

Blog design theme changes:

Photos theme changes:

We have released Hub, a multi-purpose tool for organizing an open feedback section on your website. This will help you to establish close connections to your customers in the form of a forum, a knowledge base, a question-and-answer center, a new ideas discussion and bug reporting page, or user guides and related materials — all in one app!

Hub will enable your clients to find answers to their questions directly on your website, without contacting your support service, vote for other clients' comments and answers, and participate in discussions.

Below are some examples of how you can use Hub on your own website:

Please share your ideas and suggestions on further development of the new Hub app either in the comments section below, or in a separate hub in our Help section. We plan to make the app so effective that you never want to turn back to any forums. Our Hub app will allow every website and online store to create their own open and efficient communication center for customers, to ensure that answers to customers' questions are always easily available, so that website owners can spend minimum time on providing customer support.

Thank you for your feedback and valuable suggestions!

The new app is provided free of charge to developers on GitHub. To receive access to the repository, please sign up. Access is granted automatically.

Hub's ordinary price is $149. Until the end of this week, through December 5, 2014, the new app is available at a special launch price of $89! Buy now »

Effective January 1, 2015 we will discontinue technical support and other consultations to users of old versions of all WebAsyst family apps including WebAsyst Shop-Script, Help Desk, Files, Mail, and other products.

You may continue using the purchased licenses without any limitations and you can download the latest versions of old apps in your Customer Center account at any time. However, should you need any support on those products on January 1, 2015 or later, you will be able to receive it only in the knowledge base on our website and not from Webasyst support service.

Outdated versions of WebAsyst apps were removed from sale in September 2013, and since that time we have been working on our new software platform, Webasyst framework and the new Shop-Script 5. Today Shop-Script 5 is a very feature-rich platform for creating an online store. Since its first release in March 2013, we have made available over 60 updates for this product by adding new useful functionality with each update. By the number of built-in functionality, setup flexibility, and conformity with the requirements of modern web standards, Shop-Script 5 is far ahead of its previous version. The ability of easily extending its basic functionality by means of numerous plugins developed by our partners makes the platform really flexible and powerful.

Webasyst has been updated to version 1.3.0.

Framework update and improved user inteface wa-1.3.css

The most important changes are improved user interface of the framework backend and newer versions of basic system components.

  • Single font selection rules have been applied to Webasyst backend and Default 2.0 design theme.

    For navigation elements and titles font family Helvetica Neue (Trebuchet MS and Arial in Windows) is used, for other text Lucida Grande (Lucida Sans Unicode in Windows). In previous versions primarily font families Lucida Grande and Arial were used.
  • All graphical elements in backend have been optimized for Retina displays: icons, userpics, dialogs, Webasyst backend login form, etc.

    Now it is much more enjoyable to work with Webasyst on Retina displays; e.g., on iPad or on MacBook Pro!
  • jQuery library used in Webasyst backend has been updated to jQuery 1.11.1. Previous version jQuery 1.8.2 remains available in the distribution package and will be removed only after all available apps, plugins, and design themes are updated to use newer jQuery versions. We shall additionally inform you in advance when outdated jQuery versions will be removed from the framework.
  • WYSIWYG editor has been updated to Redactor 10.
  • Minor errors have been fixed.

Apps update

Shop-Script 5, Site, Blog, Photos, Mailer, and Helpdesk have been updated to ensure compatibility with new framework version Webasyst 1.3.0.

To Shop-Script 5 users: New functionality will be added in version Shop-Script 5.3.0, we are now working on this major update and will tell you more about it a little later.

We have released a plugin for the Contacts app, which significantly enhances its functionality. You can quickly evaluate the difference by looking at the contact management panels shown in the picture below (before and after installation of the PRO plugin):

Important features of Contacts PRO

Advanced search by any field and various conditions including data provided by other apps; e.g., "find customers who ordered certain product within specified period". A search query can be saved as a permanent filter available in the left navigation bar for further use.

Field constructor enables you to add custom fields to contact profiles so that you can store additional information about your contacts, which may be required for your business needs.

Contact import from CSV files or simple text copied and pastes into a text field will enable you to quickly fill your contact database by transferring data from various address books and other sources.

Search and auto-merging of duplicate contacts helps to easily find contacts with identical email addresses or mobile phones and merge them to eliminate excessive records in your contacts database.

Online log of user and customer actions shows information about different actions performed in your Webasyst backend and in customers' online accounts: logins, logouts, adding and editing data, new orders, new support requests, registration, signup for newsletters, unsubscription from mailings, etc. This functionality will enable you to analyze online activity of your customers and employees to improve the overall efficiency of your business process.

Event planning in a common corporate calendar available to backend users.

Birthday list displayed on a calendar to help you remember the birthdays of all your colleagues, partners, and customers.

Email notifications on users' actions, birthdays, and scheduled events.

Notes can be added to any contact to store arbitrary text information about anyone.

Company is a new contact type. Person contacts can be associated with company contacts.

"On map" mode to let you view contacts' addresses on a Google map one by one or in groups.

Registration (signup) form is a tool for collecting contact information from your website visitors. They can submit their name, and email address or phone number. You can use these data to establish contact with your clients and thus create your unique contacts database to develop your business.

Special notes about transition from Contacts to Contacts PRO

After the installation of the PRO plugin, all your contacts and current settings will remain the same. Most basic functionality available in the Contacts app will also remain available with the PRO plugin. The most notable change is connected with contact categories. We have decided not to support categories, because in the PRO plugin we have introduced contact lists and filters, which offer more useful functionality and are a powerful replacement for categories.

In the basic version of Contacts there are two types of contact categories:

  1. System categories are automatically created, maintained, and completed by other Webasyst apps. For example, the "Store" category is created when the first customer places an order in your online store, and this customer is added to that special category. Similar to the store, the first registered author of the a comment in the blog is added to special "Blog" category.
  2. Custom categories can be created manually when you are using the basic Contacts app.

When the PRO plugin is installed, both of these category types are retained in the form of contact lists, and you can continue using the as before. However, once you delete any of them, you cannot restore it any more. Instead of that, you can run contact search by the conditions which were used to complete the previous category, and save your query as a permanent filter. A filter looks very similar to a category, but its internal operating principle would be different; a filter always displays up-to-date contact data returned at the time when you open a filter in your backend, while a category is completed and updated only when it is required so by the application it is connected with.


Suppose a customer has placed his first order in your online store. This customer will be automatically added to the "Store" category. Later his order may be canceled. However, that customer will still remain in the "Store" category even though he has no new or completed orders any more and may even become your partner or colleague in the future.

Compare this behavior with that of a filter in Contacts PRO. Suppose that we perform contact search by condition "placed a new order in online store" and save this query as a filter named "Store (new order)". When a customer places a new order, he is taken into account by this filter and is displayed when you select this filter. When an order of such a customer is canceled, then the customer is automatically deleted from the filtered list. This is how you can use filter "Store (new orders)" to view an up-to-date list of your customers who have just placed new orders. Now let us create another filter "placed order which is currently in 'Completed' state". This filter will display all customers who have paid for ordered items and already received them.

So, instead of one system category named "Store" in Contacts app, you can set up an arbitrary number of various contact selection filters using Contacts PRO plugin; e.g.:

Placed order and chose shipping method "X"
Paid for order
Placed order which is currently being delivered
Purchased product "X" in September
Placed orders and sent support requests during past year

The purchase price of Contacts PRO is reduced at the start of sales: $89 $44.99.

This special offer remains valid until October 1, 2014.

Buy Contacts PRO now

Become one of the first users of this new software product! Contacts PRO will be the core component of the future Webasyst CRM, which we are currently developing. Your personal opinion and your suggestions will determine how the product will be developed and what features will be included in it.

Great news for Webasyst Cloud users! We are introducing new pricing plans, which will reduce your web hosting costs and will make Webasyst Cloud more attractive than similar services provided by other hosting companies. Now the price of web hosting in Webasyst Cloud begins at only $3/mo!


“Standard” plan: $6.99/mo, 2 GB, up to 2% CPU usage.


Mini Pro Premium
$3/mo. $15/mo. $25/mo. If you need more
Disk space 1 GB 10 GB 20 GB + $0.06/day for each extra GB
CPU kernel load per hour 1% 3% 5% + $0.02/h for each extra percent of CPU load
Free .COM domain when paid for 12 mo. 6 mo. 6 mo. If purchased separately, $14.95/year
Linked domains (sites) 1 5 10 + $1.66/mo. for each extra mapped domain
Link your existing custom domain name $0 $0 $0

Free domain name registration

We will register a new domain name or will extend your existing domain if you pay for 6 months of Cloud hosting (Pro and Premium plans) or for 12 months (Mini plan) in one order.

Extra usage prices

With any plan you have chosen, you may exceed basic resource limitations such as CPU load or disk space, and simply pay additionally for such extra usage. The prices for extra resource usage have remained the same as before (shown in the table above).

For example, your account may be associated with the "Mini" plan and occupy 3 GB disk space instead of 1 GB; in this case your monthly bill will include only $6.60/mo.

Hosted use of Shop-Script 5 now costs less, too!

Another good news is that we have reduced monthly cost of hosted use of Shop-Script 5 from $19.99/mo. to $14.99/mo!

Before these changes, the total cost of hosted use of Shop-Script 5 in Webasyst Cloud was equal to $26.98/mo. ($6.99/mo. for cloud hosting + $19.99/mo. for hosted use of Shop-Script 5). Now the monthly bill for the same service begins at only $17.99/mo.

How do I switch to new plans?

You can choose one of new plans in the Hosting app in your Webasyst account.

If you received 12 months of free Cloud hosting when you ordered a Shop-Script 5 license, then there is one more advantage for you: we have automatically upgraded your Standard plan to Pro, and the expiration date of the prepaid period has remained the same. Instead of 2 GB disk space you have now 10 GB space. When the prepaid hosting period expires, you can either extend your account with the current plan or choose a different plan in the Hosting app.

If you did not receive a Cloud account within the special offer, then your account still operates on the Standard plan (2 GB, $6.99/mo.). You may either keep this plan or choose a different one.

The Standard plan remains valid, but you cannot choose it when you create a new account in Webasyst Cloud.

Free web hosting with Shop-Script 5 license

Special offer "1 year of free hosting for ordering a Shop-Script 5 license" ends on September 30, 2014. You if would like to use this special offer, do not miss this opportunity!

Effective October 1, 2014 you will not be able to create a new account with the Standard pricing plan. We will continue to offer free Cloud hosting for customers ordering Shop-Script 5 licenses. With each license you will be able to receive one of the following options: 6 months for Mini plan, 3 months for Pro and Premium plans.

Why we recommend choosing new pricing plans

Hosting a website in Webasyst Cloud is more attractive than almost anywhere else! Now you may want to choose your own web hosting company only if you would like to control the software installation, if you need to edit files via FTP connection, or if you simply want your online store or website to be hosted on your own server/VPS. Should you need to have a fully functional online store or website, and be able to extend its functionality using plugins available in the Webasyst Store, then it is easier, faster, and more reliable to sign up for an account in Webasyst Cloud.

A complete online store only for $17.99/mo., or for $3/mo. with a purchased permanent Shop-Script 5 license, is one of the best offers available on the market today!

We are excited to announce a major update, upon which we have been working this summer and which has affected almost all Webasyst components: Webasyst framework kernel, Site, Contacts, Shop-Script 5, Blog, Photos, Helpdesk apps, and all basic design themes. Including the design themes, this update was applied to a total of over 40 software products, and all these products are already available in your Installer!

New vision for CMS

The main point of this update was to facilitate the use of Webasyst and Shop-Script 5 by beginners for creating a website or an online store. Because Webasyst framework is very flexible in creation of multiple websites powered by different sets of Webasyst apps connected with each other only by means of routing setup, website management has never been absolutely trivial. Because it is equally important both to provide maximum flexibility for experienced users and to help beginners quickly understand the basics without having to go into details.

In this update, we have made a large step forward by creating a new user interface for our design editor. Now you can edit settlement settings (routing rules) directly in the app you are currently using without opening the Site app. This significantly facilitates acquaintance with the software by first-time users! Before this update, you had to use the Site app to create online storefronts for Shop-Script 5, but now these options are available directly within Shop-Script 5 backend: select design themes, create new storefronts (e.g., for Facebook integration), edit storefront settings. This works for every Webasyst app which supports built-in design editor: Shop-Script 5, Photos, Blog, Site.

Personal accounts

We have added a new section to the Site app to allow editing various parameters of the customer account available in the website frontend: structure (navigation menu), registration and profile-editing form fields, email address confirmation option, etc.

The personal account is a special part of a website, which is powered by various apps. For example, one of its sections may be powered by Shop-Script (my orders, affiliate program), others by Helpdesk (my support requests) or Site (user profile), etc.

Integration between various parts of the personal account is ensured by use of the common navigation system provided by $wa->myNav() method called in design theme templates. With this integration, each section, being provided by a different app, still works completely by itself. This way we can expand the functionality of the personal account virtually infinitely. Webasyst apps which we will be releasing in the future (e.g., the Hub app we are currently working on) will be able to add their own sections to the personal account regardless of what other apps are installed in the framework.

Design theme Default 2.0


Design theme Default 2.0 has been rebuilt again and has become even more convenient and impressive! This time we have paid a great deal of attention to making it easy to use with any set of Webasyst apps you have installed: either only one of them (Shop-Script 5, Site, Blog, or Photos), or all of them at once. Most of the informational design elements (e.g., caption displayed in the homepage) have been arranged as extra design theme settings so that you do not have to edit template files to change them.

The updated Default 2.0 theme offers 24 brand new amazing color schemes (main banner backgrounds) to help you adjust website appearance to your specific needs.

Its mobile version has been redesigned, too, to become more comfortable for smartphone users.

Various enhancements have also been made to improve user experience for customers placing orders in Shop-Script 5 with Default 2.0 theme: "flying cart", optimized shopping cart page, improved product comparison, and many other features.

New Sidebar 2.0 design theme

Sidebar 2.0 has a brand-new look too! Check out the demo:

New Contacts

In framework kernel and in Contacts app, contact and user management mechanism has been redesigned as one of our steps to completing the big task of enhancing contact management functionality in Webasyst. Very soon we will show you a significantly improved version of our Contacts!

Shop-Script 5.2.3

The kernel of Shop-Script 5 contains not so many changes this time, except for design theme Default 2.0, which is included in Shop-Script 5 by default.

Very useful major update to Shop-Script 5.3.0 will be available a little later this year!

For web designers and developers

Please view the complete history of changes in the source code of Webasyst apps and design themes on GitHub: