Manage your site and collaborate
with your team. In one place.

Webasyst turns site building (a CMS) into
a fully fledged collaboration platform.

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Webasyst is a next generation CMS which combines web publishing tools, blogging, and ecommerce with enterprise collaboration platform. On your custom domain name. All in one place.

In the cloud

Secure reliable cloud hosting with pre-installed Webasyst. In just 10 minutes, you will start testrunning awesome Webasyst apps and building stunning sites.

Starting at just $7/mo! First month free.

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Open source

Full control over your data on your server. Install new apps in just few clicks, customize, and develop your custom apps. PHP / MySQL / Smarty / jQuery.

Free! Follow installation instructions.

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Lots of ready-to-use apps,
plugins, and themes

Install updates and new apps from Webasyst Store in just few clicks. Everything is downloaded and installed automatically. Browse Webasyst apps »

Design and deploy
beautiful custom apps

Design custom apps for your own company or for your clients, customize who can access and what. Turn Webasyst into your ultimate online automation tool. See developer documentation to get started.

PHP, MySQL, Smarty, jQuery

Next generation CMS is here!

Imagine how cool would it be to manage your site, communicate with your team, manage clients and sales securely in one place. Webasyst integrates all these tools into a single secure environment. On your custom domain name.

Webasyst CMS
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or download source code and deploy on your server

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