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Webasyst is a suite of web apps that helps people work together in teams, collaborate, build websites and online stores. It's an ecommerce + site building + collaboration platform packed into an ultimate suite.

Available as an open source PHP framework and as a cloud-based solution starting at just $3/mo.

Lots of ready-to-use apps

Install new apps from the Webasyst Store with just a single click in your web browser. With the help of the built-in Installer app, new apps are downloaded and installed automatically — in a matter of a few seconds. Browse apps

  • Shop-Script 6

    Shop-Script 6

    Online store builder.
    $249 or $7.99/mo
  • Hub


    Forum + Feedback + Q&A.
    $89 or $5.99/mo
  • Blog


    Blog publishing tool.
  • Photos


    Online photo gallery tool.
  • Mailer


    Bulk email marketing.
  • Helpdesk


    Affordable customer service and support
    $119 or $7.99/mo

Helps you run business

Webasyst helps you run business

Webasyst app suite helps you manage how your team stores and shares data: online. Hosted either in the Webasyst Cloud or on your own web server.

Works everywhere

Works everywhere

Webasyst works in a web browser, and you only need an Internet access and a device to connect: a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile phone.


Secure Webasyst login

Webasyst offers a single multi-user backend interface providing access to all installed apps. Each user can log in with his own login name and password, and can work only with the apps to which he has sufficient access rights.

Create websites and online stores


  {if $wa->user()->isAuth()}
    Hello, {$wa->user('name')}
    <a href="login/">Sign in</a>

Webasyst allows your to create and manage multi-app-powered websites with combined functionality of an online store, a photo gallery, a blog, and much more — with all these apps at once.

Build custom apps

PHP, MySQL, Smarty, jQuery

Deploy your own Webasyst apps and use them along with any combination of other apps installed.

You Online TM

While Webasyst offers all tools of a classic Content-Management-System (CMS), it‘s so much more at the same time! Install sophisticated apps into your Webasyst and turn your website content editing tool into a fully-fledged productive environment for your business.

Webasyst CMS
or download Webasyst and install it on your web server
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